special orders made just for you

If you’re looking out for a place for your corporate pantry or meeting orders, private functions or even a customized cake for a birthday, look no further! You can get a yummylicious pastry, cake or dessert to wow your friends and at the same time, help to encourage our these people with special needs.

corporate orders

We supply many companies with our cookies and our range of pastries. So if you’re looking to stock up your kitchen pantry with some freshly baked items, feel free to contact us!

We can customize your orders based on your preferred budget and company needs. Such orders often provide our staff with a regular and consistent scope of work.

private functions

Someone’s birthday party coming up? We cater to private events and functions too. Whether it’s a celebration or catering for an event, just drop us a message to discuss your needs. We promise our desserts will put a smile on people’s faces. 

a note before you order

But here’s a disclaimer, please buy our food only if you really like it!

Get in touch with Lena at lena@flourpower.com.sg or on her mobile at 9 362 1678 to place your order. Even if you just wanna chat on your requirements, please feel free to reach out. Do give us a bit of time so that we can make sure your order is just perfect for you and your guests.