Our Social Bakery

It takes a village to raise a child...

Lend a hand to our efforts to train people with special needs to equip them with skills that they can use to find sustainable jobs in the commercial F&B industry.

How can you help? Just by buying the lovingly handmade pastries and cakes that we bake! Our food is made without all the artificial stuff so that we can serve you only the best! We are sure that you'll be back for more!

Our trainees with special needs are trained in various functions across the whole operation, including customer service, food preparation, packaging and general cleaning. They go through a training cycle where they have different milestones to meet at the end of every month depending on their skillset and then they will be rotated to a different station.

So by ordering from us, you not only get delectable desserts, you also play an important part in supporting us in our training efforts, not just financially but also by allowing them to practise what they have learnt!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Warmest regards,
The Flour Power team