About Us

What we're about...

Flour Power is our small way of trying to help to further a dream of a world where everyone can look forward to enjoying independence and their own dreams, if they are given the chance and the opportunity to learn.

Introducing our little social enterprise bakery, where we train people with special needs to bake and to do simple customer service so that they can have a chance at finding a sustainable job in a commercial F&B kitchen or bakery.

Flour Power is a happy place, a place where everyone is free to live up to his or her greatest potential, where no one is judged or criticised. Where all cookies and cakes might not be perfectly shaped, but taste perfect nonetheless. And where differences are celebrated not highlighted.

All the cakes, chocolates, pastries and cookies are handmade with much love and without artificial stuff so that we can give you only the very best!

We are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others.